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Whether you're living on the busiest street in the biggest city in the world, or in the country, on the quietest farm in the smallest village in the world—everyone can make an impact.

“Don’t take a risk, can’t make a gain.”

Walter Houston (Right), as “Howard”, in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948

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How to Change the World (University of College at London)

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Featured as

1 of 100 young Global ChangeMakers making an impact in the We Make Change movement.

Competing with 21,000 participants

and 2,160 projects—our team of 9, representing How to Change the World—was one of several challenge winners selected by the European Commission in #EUvsVirus.

Most recently, I volunteered my skills to help Pixza. A social enterprise serving up pizza, and putting young people into work across Mexico.

Charley is a creative and highly-skilled marketer who has an incredible ability to develop concise content that informs, inspires and empowers.

James Sancto, Co-Founder and CEO at We Make Change

Charley is wonderful to work with. He is an incredibly motivated and very capable marketer, who produces unique content. We worked together in one of We Make Change’s tech for good hackathons, We Hack London, and his contribution to the successful planning and delivery of the event was crucial. Charley would be an invaluable asset to any team.

Maria Isidro, Senior Producer, The Governance Institute of London

Charley helps organisations to find their voice and stand out from the crowd. His content resonates emotionally and inspires people into action. He was a standout performer at We Make Change, and I hope to work with Charley again in some capacity in the future.

Adam Thornhill, Head of Marketing at Medicspot

It was a pleasure working with Charley who played a significant role in growing We Make Change's online presence and following across all social channels. His responsiveness and attention to detail was valuable in managing a global remote team. He was a great advisor to the team on projects, and played a key role in making our last event, We Hack London a success.

Catherine Perreira, Global Communications Strategist with over 13 years of experience in London, Shanghai, New York, and Trinidad and Tobago

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