Charley Arrigo

Finding the brand voice for a startup.

From London's busy streets,

to Tanzania's tallest peaks.


Today, young people around the world are determined to support the causes they care about.

Whether it's London millennials inspired to end homelessness. Or a youth base in Tanzania determined to tackle sustainable development. These individuals have the skills to make change happen, but lack the means to make that change a reality.

The challenge existing with We Make Change, was marketing a change the world platform that had yet to be tested. There were no photos of change made, or past project testimonials celebrating the success of the We Make Change platform.

We were selling hope.

And, that is exactly what we did…

By harnessing uplifting and inspiring copy, I created writing content focusing on the “good” of issues, and what can happen when individuals choose to “make change”.

The result?

- An increase in daily Twitter engagement by 1,254% in the first seven days 

- 417% increase in Twitter followers from 961 to 5,000, and a 608% growth in followers on Instagram

- The building of a global online volunteer community that went from 0 to 1,000 in 10 weeks

Together, our We Make Change team helped volunteers go on and make change with Greater London organizations, such as BEAM, Restless Development, Code Your Future, BIRDSONG, and UpRising.


Copywriting… And a copywriter doing graphic design.



Uniting our generation to solve the most pressing issues of our time. A movement to change the world.

A campaign created by We Make Change CEO and founder, James Sancto.

Draw larger audiences, with inspiring communications.

Your mission is too important. Your services are too vital.

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It only takes one

The We Make Change platform was built on the idea that anyone, anywhere, at any time, can make the change they want to see.

Support one. End all.

#MakeChangeNow is a unifying call-to-action for universal causes.

A special moment in

We Make Change history.

In 10 short weeks, the We Make Change community welcomed its first 1000 ChangeMakers from all over the world.


Shark finners are diminishing our shark populations worldwide. The ability to leverage pop culture for good⁠—helps bring overlooked causes to the mainstream.

The old man & his plea

What if Ernest Hemingway rewrote his famous novel at sea in 2019? "They were as old as erosions in a fishless desert. Everything… Plastic."

Coffee apocalypse


No more millennial coffee shops? A foolproof way to bring climate awareness to young audiences.

There is no planet B

The #MakeChangeNow campaign called for imagery that drew attention to causes in creative fashion – while promoting traffic to


Short-form copywriting

Nepal 🇳🇵 becomes first country to double its wild tiger population.






Kids skipping school for climate change – rivals Bueller's landmark skip of 1986

Designed for homeless kids, by homeless kids

🥛 + 🍫 = 💯

🇩🇰 + 🥫 + 🌧️ = 💯

Bye, bye advertisementshello shelter directions

Helping the homelessfor free

New shoes and ice pops 😀

Buy a shoe, save our sea?

Sacrificing comfort for creationis the life of an artist

From London to Tanzania, from Sydney to Kazakhstan

Girls in Tech