Charley Arrigo

I grew up just West of Eden

Home was a little grape farm 25 miles outside Buffalo, NY.

Growing up, math and science were a bust. But a few of my teachers told me that I could write.

I didn’t listen much, but I listened then.

I hobbled through school. But was able to find a home at a local university.

A department devoted entirely to newspaper writing – “journalism” as they called it – welcomed me with open arms.

At last, a writing degree was within my grasps.

I wrote for the school paper, took a public speaking class, and even joined the swim team.

Then I graduated.

Now… “look mom” – is what I say – “you have raised a real, professional writer.”

“Thank you.”

My journey has been fortunate enough to cross paths with organizations such as:

We Make Change

Careers In Nonprofits

How to Change the World (The University of College at London)

Freddie Mac

U.S. Vote Foundation

Dallas Pets Alive

story time.

“Jack, a sullen dropout from upper class America, travels home with his young girlfriend, Nina, to see his estranged father after a long absence.”


- Egress (2019) – IMDb

2019 Emerge Film Festival Finalist

Filming Egress: Knox Farm State Park