Charley Arrigo

Branding and Positioning

Managing the communications at Careers In Nonprofits—my #1 goal was differentiation. By branding the organization through the #ILoveMyJob mission a distinct personality and positioning discovered.

During this time, on a $0 budget, we grew our unengaged LinkedIn platform grew from 12k to a community of 54,000.

the social struggle.

Award-winning nonprofit staffing agency, Careers In Nonprofits, was struggling to engage their nonprofit audience over social. Needing to humanize their services—they were searching for the missing ingredient to bring their services to larger audiences. 

That ingredient laid in a coffee cup.

Tapping into symbolism—I started by growing brand awareness around an unexpected ingredient.

"I want a mug!"

For years, buzz had been brewing around a signature Careers In Nonprofits promotional item.

Their "I 🧡 My Job" mug was a fan-favorite among candidates and clients in the nonprofit sector.

The question was: "how could buzz around a mug, be used to build its brand equity?"


My first goal was to write emotionally-driven brand copy promoting the brand hashtag: #ILoveMyJob.

Engagement grew—inspiring me to humanize this strategy.

#ILoveMyJob🧡 stories.

6 stories. 43,570 impressions.

$0 ad spend.

Social engagement.

The goal is not to inform. It is to inspire.

Blog branding + mentoring.

The Hero’s Journey: Every story needs a mentor. This is achieved by positioning one’s brand as a mentor in the audience’s journey.

Meaningful content marketing.

Writing deeply while striving to make content marketing meaningful—will help your target audience open their heart to your service.

Branding the content is essential.


Meaningful = shareable.

Writing Brand Features—that live forever.

Strategy: Don't write nonprofit blog posts. Create a Brand Feature Piece (BFP) showcasing your differentiation in the marketplace.

1. BFP's are heavily branded and visually attractive.

2. By mimicking the scrolling behavior of social media feed: a BFP adapts to the 21st century skimmer.

3. Strongs verbs and storytelling drive the BFP and create meaning for the audience.

4. Numbered lists—big, bold headlines—and a contrast of colors help keep eyes stimulated.

5. End with a call-to-action. Tell your reader the action you want them to take.

6. Give 3rd party testimonials.

See a BFP

example below.

Goal: Communicate Brand Benefits + Differentiation

David & Goliath Strategy: Identify Biggest Competitor + Show Benefits of Smaller, More Targeted Niche Services

DEI—Careers In Nonprofits.

Copywriting & Design.

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