Charley Arrigo

Copywriting for Freddie Mac.

by Charley Arrigo

One mission. 80 million times.

My headline was chosen for Freddie’s 2020 public relations pitch to CEO David Brickman

Why this headline?


Freddie Mac is determined to exit government conservatorship.

But before it can happen, Freddie must demonstrate why it is important that they operate independently for the first time since 2008.

The why was in Freddie’s impact.

Impact + the power of contrast


Freddie Mac for 50 years has delivered on one sole business objective:

To create a more accessible housing market, and put more American families into homes nationwide.

Exiting conservatorship enables Freddie Mac to invest more in innovation, and improve accessible housing for generations to come.

Magnifying the why behind this importance to the public was crucial. The why lived in the numbers.

The Freddie mission + American families helped

One mission. 80 million times.

To my Mom’s delight, I even did some modeling at Freddie.

But for more copywriting, keep scrolling…

Part II.

In-House Agency Copy


Freddie Mac was in the middle of redefining the identity behind their internal creative services team.

They were deciding between three internal logos.

I provided copywriting to give these new brand ideas a voice, while helping to make the decision making process – an emotionally-driven one.

Design to capture the eye. All by design.

A modern take on the classical monogram, this logo invites the viewer to piece together a puzzle.

The result?

Our pieces form an i + h for “In House” Agency. A representation of talent coming togetherin pursuit of a common goal. 

A minimalistic approach focused on external appeal.

The power of three to empower all.

This roofline design focuses on our very core—corporate, creative, collaboration.

It communicates a sense of unity yet leaves room for self-expression. And while centrally focused, its imperfect angles maintain a sense of motion.

The simplicity of mimicking shapes opens opportunities for this mark to shift and shape through animation.

Designing the future means drawing on the past.

The roof is a symbol of support for the human spirit. It means strength through challenges and unexpected demands.

In that sense, it embodies the energy and philosophy of the In-House Agencya team of creative problem solvers, dedicated to getting the job done.

At last, our roof comes together to form a boxed design, encouraging you to take a look at what's inside.